Are you a corporate reinventing it’s business models or a lean start-up?

Then you will love the Process Model Canvas when you are…

  • incapable to transform your ambitions into reality
  • exhausted of the energy lost in convincing others
  • involved in tasks forces without sustainable progress

The Process Model Canvas will help you to successfully design…

  • the key activities (KA) towards the WOW factor for your clients
  • the connection between strategic and operational management
  • is a plug-in model of the Business Model Canvas

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Source: The Business Model Canvas is an idea of Alexander Osterwalder and published in the book called Business Model Generation


PROCESS MODEL CANVAS;  From ambitious ideas into sustainable implementation

Organizations which used the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas are aware of the changing world. You looked at your customer pains and gains and you anticipated on that in your Value Proposition. Possibly you discovered a new innovating revenue stream, value propositions or even a complete new business concept. cool

But, now you will arrive into the situation where you need to translate your ambitious new Business Model Canvas into your organization structure.
The operating model needs to be adopted, but HOW do you do that? How do you make this challenging next step?


The PROCESS MODEL CANVAS will help you with this, as a plug-in model at the Business Model Canvas from Alexander Osterwalder.

  • What are the new Key Activities (KA) Key Resources (KR) and Key Partners (KP) what is different from the current situation?
  • How can you design it in such a way, that your New Business Model will soon become reality?
  • How to improve the collaboration between the professionals, departments and business divisions in a way that your new business model will be realized?
  • Do you want to prevent that good ambitions will end-up with ‘nothing..’?
  • Did you create different ‘task-force’ teams, but it is difficult to make the movement really happen?
  • How do you prevent your new Business Model will end-up in ‘a dark archive’? Use this new PROCESS MODEL CANVAS with your teams.